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Sydney Sevens is an international rugby sevens tournament held annually in Sydney, Australia. It is part of the World Rugby Sevens Series, a prestigious event that draws the best sevens teams from around the world. The tournament is known for its high-energy, fast-paced and entertaining matches that feature some of the most talented rugby players from various countries.

The Sydney Sevens was first held in 1999 and since then has established itself as one of the most popular and well-attended sevens tournaments in the world. Each year, the tournament attracts thousands of rugby fans from Australia and around the world, making it a highlight of the rugby calendar.

The tournament is played over two days, with each team competing in a round-robin format. Teams are divided into pools, and they play each other in their pool over the first day. The top teams from each pool then progress to the knockout stages, where they compete in quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals, with the winner being crowned the champion of the Sydney Sevens.

One of the unique aspects of the Sydney Sevens is its atmosphere. The tournament is known for its lively and energetic crowd, with fans dressed up in fancy costumes, face paint and team colors, creating an unforgettable and exciting atmosphere. The event also features live music, food stalls, and activities for children, making it a fun day out for families and rugby fans alike.

Another reason why the Sydney Sevens is so popular is its high level of competitiveness. With some of the world’s best sevens teams participating, the tournament showcases some of the finest skills, speed, and agility in rugby. The fast-paced nature of sevens rugby and the limited time on the clock make each match exciting and unpredictable, with teams often scoring tries in the dying moments of a match to secure victory.

The Sydney Sevens is also a great opportunity for young and upcoming rugby players to showcase their talent on a global stage. With many teams giving opportunities to young players, the tournament provides a platform for them to gain experience, build their skills and develop their careers. The tournament is also a great opportunity for fans to see the future stars of rugby, giving them a glimpse of what’s to come in the sport.

In recent years, the Sydney Sevens has also become a destination for international teams looking to prepare for the Olympic Games. The sevens format of the sport is included in the Olympic program, making the tournament an important event for teams looking to qualify for the games. The Sydney Sevens is also a great opportunity for countries to measure themselves against each other and see where they stand ahead of the Olympic Games.

In conclusion, the Sydney Sevens is a fantastic event that combines high-level rugby with a fun and festive atmosphere. With its competitive matches, exciting atmosphere, and opportunities for young players, it is a must-see event for rugby fans and families alike. The tournament continues to be one of the most popular and well-attended sevens tournaments in the world and is a true showcase of the sport of rugby.

Sydney 7s: A guide For Doing It On The Cheap!

Sydney 7s: A guide For Doing It On The Cheap!

Here are some tips to getting to, and in and around, Sydney for this weekend’s Sydney7s!


Wherever you are in Australia, flights seem like the best option to get you there quickly, but these can be expensive. Obviously, planning early is the key to nabbing sale fares or cheaper flights, as the cost surely increases when purchasing closer to the departure date.

As an alternative, consider car pooling with friends and sharing fuel costs, or book a bus ticket through Greyhound or FireFly which can cost less than half the price of an airfare! Plus, the seats are comfortable, it’s a safer option than driving yourself especially for the return trip, and you can see some countryside that you might not necessarily ever get to do. So grab some friends and roadtrip it!

Also, opt for getting an Uber to save on costs when compared to a taxi when in Sydney!


Hotels are obviously in demand over periods when an event is being held in the city and you will often pay higher rates for weekend bookings in any case.

Consider booking a 2 or 3 bedroom room/apartment and split the costs with friends (as opposed to booking a one bedroom/studio apartment when the relative cost is usually much higher when compared to the above option).

Here is a list of hotel options in Syndey over the Sydney7s weekend.

Alternatively, look into booking an AirBnB which could snap you great local, private accommodation at a fraction of a big city hotel.

Also, look to get your accommodation in/around Sydney’s CBD which will be close to the AFTER7S after-parties within the CBD (Sugarmill Hotel, Shelbourne Hotel and Marquee Nightclub), and within 10 minutes to Allianz Stadium in Moore Park!

Sydney 7s Games Tickets:

Obviously the only way to get your hands on these was through Ticketek, however they have now been SOLD OUT which, on the flipside, is a sign of what will be an epic weekend!

If you have been lucky enough to secure yours, it was around $40/day for an adult pass.

For those who missed out, you can still be in with a chance to win 3 day passes (along with free passes to all 3 nights of the AFTER7S after-parties PLUS a Kenya fan t-shirt) with Afrodownunder! Competitions will be run all week leading up to Friday 3rd February 2017, so be sure to keep checking back to be in the running.

The first competition runs tonight Monday 30th January 2017!

AFTER7S Rugby After-parties:

The AFTER7S rugby after-parties will be held from Friday through to Sunday nights and you can purchase early-bird tickets online, or at the door on the night:

Kenya clinches an epic win over Australia to become the Challenge Trophy winners at the Wellington Sevens

A Kenya eeeeh?!

Kenya clinched an epic win over Australia (after 15 defeats in a row to the Aussie team) to become the Challenge Trophy winners at the Wellington Sevens over the weekend, celebrating in style with their trademark dance moves!

Kenya stunned with the final score of 19-17 after solid performances during the leg in the lead-up to the final:

  • Kenya v Argentina 12-17
  • Kenya v Papua New Guinea 47-5
  • England v Kenya 31-12
  • Kenya v Russia 24-5
  • Kenya v USA 19-12
  • Kenya v Australia 19-17

Afrodownunder have supported the Kenya Sevens team from the very beginning of the sevens world series way back when it all started through co-ordination of the Kenyan cheering squad in the host cities of the Australian leg of the tours, as well as hosting the AFTER7S rugby after-parties in allegiance to them, and of course for all the fans.

Kenya are now jointly in 8th place with 25 points in the series standings alongside Australia and Argentina leading in to the Sydney 7s this weekend, and share the upcoming pool with South Africa, England and Japan in Pool A.

Next stop, Sydney. Let’s go Kenya, let’s go!

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